GCC Site Centre


G.C.C. SITE Centre is an institution which provides technical training and testing. We don't provide any VISA services.
We are Delhi based Indian/overseas professional trade testing centre which provides technical training and testing. Thank you very much for your kind patronage and faith in our abilities. As you know that we have a total area of about 6500 sq. ft. At a time near about 500 people can wait inside the centre and we can put about 50-60 candidates at work of different trades at the same time. We have four separate cabins for delegations, from where they can have the complete view of workshop. The area is totally commercial with a good parking space.
Our panel of experts includes highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians from different fields. These people put the job seekers for testing in a very professional manner and evaluate their performance as per the requirements of the companies. After evaluating their skill & ability to perform their duties in a highly competitive and professional environment, if they qualify, we issue them a certificate for the requirement of the sponsors, the embassies, and the immigration department. The same team of engineers and the technicians provide the technical training to the candidates also if needed.